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Established in 2000, Paieon is a pioneering medical imaging company applying image-processing technology for real-time device navigation. In 2004, Paieon introduced CardiOp-B®, the world's first three-dimensional cardiovascular reconstruction and analysis system. The product, which is a breakthrough in cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment, is also branded and sold by Paieon’s OEM.

Paieon's ability to adapt its core technology to the evolving needs of the cath lab environment has proven itself in the development of highly effective real-time medical solutions. The IC-PRO workstation supports physicians in all stages of the catheterization procedure. In addition to a high-performance 3D-QCA application, IC-PRO features “first-of-its-kind" applications for device tracking, navigation, and positioning, as well as automatic device visualization during the positioning of adjacent stents.

Paieon's novel C-THV system is an additional workstation that supports physicians in all phases of the TAVI procedure: determining the optimal treatment projection, assisting in device size selection, tracking and positioning valves in real time, and displaying a post-deployment analysis of deployed valves.

Paieon products are marketed and sold by its partners and distributors, and through direct sales worldwide. Unique in the market, Paieon's products offer the only fluoroscopy-based, real-time tracking and positioning solution that can be employed for coronary stents and trans-aortic valve implantation.

Paieon’s mission is to continuously innovate progressive cardiac navigation imaging solutions that bridge between the imaging world and implantable devices, providing invaluable decision-making tools to support physicians and their patients throughout the entire interventional procedure.

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