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Ron Davidson – CEO

Mr. Davidson, who joined Paieon in 2011, brings Paieon over 15 years of experience in managing and accelerating healthcare high technology companies. Previously, Mr. Davidson served as a Vice President of Sales and Operations at Medcon, a company specializing in Cardiac Image and Data Management. He then served as CEO at Medtechnica Hi-Tech, an investment company, specializing in the healthcare field. Mr. Davidson holds a B. Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. 

Rafi Brada, PhD - VP Research & Development
Mr. Brada joined Paieon in 2009, with over 15 years of experience in machine vision and medical imaging. Mr. Brada previously served as a director of R&D at Orbotech Ltd. a company specializing in machine vision and medical imaging equipment. Afterwards he served as VP technology at Arineta Ltd. a startup company developing a dedicated cardiac CT scanner. Mr. Brada holds a PhD in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science, an MSc in Physics from the Hebrew University, and a BSc in Physics and Computer Science from the Hebrew University.
Sion Schlanger - CFO
Mr. Schlanger joined Paieon in early 2013 with over 13 years of experience in financial management of high-tech companies. Previously, Mr. Schlanger held executive financial positions at Hewlett Packard, Scitex Vision and other multinational technology companies. Mr. Schlanger holds a  BA in Business Administration and Accounting  from The College of Management and a Masters in laws (L.L.M.) from Bar Ilan University.
Avi Moses – VP Operations
Mr. Moses joined Paieon in 2009 after serving 19 as a Product Manager of a wide variety of multi discipline products, Director of Service and the Project Management Processes Manager in Orbotech Israel and Orbotech USA, a company specializing in machine vision. Prior to Orbotech, Mr. Moses served as R&D Manager in Orisol LTD, a high-tech company in the field of Optic Inspection. Mr. Moses managed the development and field implementation of high accuracy Opto-Mechanics machines. Mr. Moses is a Computer System Analysis and holds Masters of Business Administration from the Derby University Israel.
Ehud Manheim, CPA – VP Finance, Paieon Medical
Mr. Manheim joined Paieon in 2003 after serving as the Head of the Finance Department of Vectop, a high-tech company in the Defense and Home-Land Security field. Prior to joining Vectop, Mr. Manheim served as a controller for ELPAS, a high-tech company in the field of local positioning systems. Mr. Manheim was involved in the merger and acquisition of both ELPAS and Vectop by public companies traded in the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Mr. Manheim is a CPA Isr. and holds a B.A. degree in Business and Accounting specializing in financing from the Tel-Aviv College of Business, Israel.
Dror Elimelech - VP Customer Support and Clinical Affairs, Paieon US

Mr. Elimelech joined Paieon in 2006. Since then he held several positions including field applications engineer, director of support and clinical applications and VP of customer support & clinical affairs. Prior to joining Paieon, he served 10 years in the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Intelligence Agency. Mr. Elimelech holds a BA in Social Sciences from Bar Ilan University, Israel.


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